Charged Plate Monitor

Ionizers are regularly used to neutralize electrostatic charges within process tools, environmental chambers, or their surroundings. A Charged Plate Monitor (CPM) is applied to test their functionality and ensure their effectiveness. Unlike a standard CPM with a 15 by 15 centimeters ionization plate, this handheld monitor comes with a smaller 6 by 6 centimeters plate while still offering the same quality in results. Therefore it can be used with ease in small facilities, machines, or other enclosed spaces. This system was especially designed for tests within cleanroom minienvironments. Hard to reach ionizers are no longer off-limits to regular testing.

All the necessary software and an oscilloscope are included and facilitate analyzing and documenting the tests. The integrated electrostatic field-meter can also be used separately to measure electrostatic charges on plants and surfaces. It all comes in a robust transportation case to keep all the equipment together and to store it securely on the shop floor.

System includes:

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